Success Stories

Commercial Finance Case Studies

We have a proven track record at introducing businesses of all sizes to their most suitable funding facilities. So, whether you’re looking to fund expansion or improve cash flow, our team of experts possesses the knowledge and experience to match your requirements with the ideal solution.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the ways we have helped businesses to achieve their goals over the years:

New facility improves cash flow for recruitment business

New £600k factoring facility improves cash flow for recruitment business

A recruitment business affected by the pandemic has improved their cash flow by securing a new non-recourse factoring facility.

Listawood Promotional Products

Invoice Finance facilitates overseas manufacturing

Read how our team helped manufacturer of drinkware and promotional goods, Listawood Promotional Products, find a suitable invoice finance facility to support their relocation overseas.

IT service provider

IT service provider secures an invoice finance facility to support cash flow

A provider of IT consultancy and training services has secured a £150,000 non-recourse factoring facility to support their cash flow and retain staff with our help.

Paxton Restoration

Spot factoring facilitates new contract

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped window fitting and restoration specialists Anerley Windows Limited (T/A Paxton Restoration) to secure a new funding facility.

£30,000 loan to bring VAT payments up to date

£30,000 loan secured to bring VAT payments up to date

How we helped a commercial vehicle repair company secure a £30,000 loan to improve their cash flow and stay on top of VAT payments.

Cosmetic fragrances

Manufacturing company secures £400,000 invoice discounting facility

A manufacturer of cosmetic fragrances has secured a £400,000 invoice discounting facility to help them bridge the gap between paying suppliers and receiving payment from customers.

New facility supports recruitment business in their COVID-19 recovery

New facility supports recruitment business in their COVID-19 recovery

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a recruitment company secure a more suitable invoice finance facility to support their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

£700,000 factoring facility secured for wholesale company

An importer and wholesaler of fibreglass engineering products has secured a new £700,000 factoring facility with the help of our team.

MBO completed after successful introductions

MBO completed after successful introductions

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped an experienced Director to complete a management buyout after facilitating the provision of the additional funding required to complete the transaction.

Cheers to that

Cheers to that! Drinks wholesaler secures new finance facility

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a wine and spirits wholesaler to replace, and therefore maintain crucial funding support after their finance partner exited the market.

Peace of mind in uncertain times

Peace of mind in uncertain times

The team at Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a manufacturer of sports stadium seating secure a suitable credit insurance facility, enabling the business to trade on credit terms internationally with increased confidence.

Funding boost to support restructure of leading timber business

Funding boost to support restructure of leading timber business

We are delighted to have helped a leading timber business to secure a commercial mortgage and confidential invoice discounting facility to support the organisational restructure of the business.

Recruitment firm’s new business model supported by factoring facility

Recruitment firm’s new business model supported by factoring facility

A business specialising in IT recruitment has secured a new £200,000 non-recourse factoring facility to support their new business model.

Hilton-Baird helps wholesaler secure CBILS loa

Hilton-Baird helps wholesaler secure CBILS loan plus £2.5m funding facility

A wholesaler of fresh produce has secured a more suitable funding facility after working with us to identify the right match.

Invoice discounting facility unlocks the road to growth

Invoice discounting facility unlocks the road to growth

A manufacturing company have secured an invoice discounting facility of £6 million with help from Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions.

Factoring facility provides metal work company much-needed support during Covid-19 disruption-min

Factoring facility provides metal work company much-needed support during Covid-19 disruption

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a company specialising in component metalwork to swiftly secure a new invoice factoring facility.

Getting off the ground with the right funding combination

This business, which designs and manufactures tooling for the foundry industry, needed the right machinery to get started.

Beauty product wholesaler secures spot factoring facility to support its activities

Beauty product wholesaler secures spot factoring facility to support its activities

A beauty product wholesaler has secured a spot factoring facility of £80,000 to allow them to fulfil larger orders and underpin their business.

Security services

£20,000 loan arranged for security firm

A provider of security services has secured a £20,000 loan to buy new equipment thanks to our team’s expertise.

New loan secured to pay suppliers on time

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped an importer and exporter of parts used in the oil and gas sector to secure a £20,000 loan so they could pay suppliers.

Loan secured to pay staff

£200,000 loan secured to pay staff on time

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped an IT and software consultancy to secure a £200,000 loan to pay staff wages and other bills on time.

Retail sale and leaseback

Retailer avoids need to relocate with new facility

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a Scottish retailer to secure a sale and leaseback facility and avoid the need to relocate their ideally situated store.

New facility for steel supplier

New facility for steel supplier

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a steel supplier to identify and secure a more suitable finance facility to improve cash flow and provide additional support.

Sustaining rapid growth

Sustaining rapid business growth

Read how we helped a metal fabrication company who were experiencing substantial growth to keep up with the speed of their expansion.

Supercharging growth

Supercharging growth

We introduced a fledgling business to a new £150,000 factoring facility to provide constant access to cash and a dedicated sales ledger management service.

When it's time to move on

When it’s time to move on

When a commercial flooring supplier’s funding facility didn’t keep up with their growth, our team was on hand to help them secure an additional £350,000.

Gunning for growth

Gunning for growth

Read how we helped a £25 million turnover importer and wholesaler secure a more supportive funding facility in order to expand and keep up with demand.

Looking to the future with confidence

Looking to the future with confidence

Read how we helped this recruitment company find a new funding facility that enabled them to look towards the future with renewed confidence.

New facility found for evolving business

New facility found for evolving business

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions has helped a client to secure a new facility after moving outside of their previous lender’s risk profile.

Putting Your Business First

£600,000 factoring facility secured for recruitment agency

Discover how we helped this specialist recruitment agency find a new facility that ticked all the right boxes, from reliability to service levels.

Supporting Stable Growth

Loan and invoice finance facilities secured for recruitment consultancy

With late payment posing a threat to stability, the ability to plan and achieve growth can be a real challenge. See how we can help in these circumstances.

Enabling Expansion

£50,000 factoring facility secured to support expansion

See how Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions helped a logistics company secure a £50k funding deal to support their expansion into haulage.

Meeting changing needs

£60,000 factoring facility secured to support cash flow

We know that as a business develops so does their funding need, which is why we keep in touch with clients to ensure the funding continues to work.

Expanding with ease

£100,000 facility secured to help printing company

A commercial printing business was able to expand their company and take on some prestigious contracts thanks to a £100k non-recourse factoring facility.

Overcoming Growing Pains

Spot factoring facility secured to ease growing pains

When it comes to securing a large contract, finding the cash flow to fulfil the order can be challenging. See how this business overcame its growing pains.

Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing payments?

Should I Just Keep Chasing Payments?

See how we helped this new recruitment company to overcome its cash flow issues with a funding solution tailored to its needs.

Improved Service Supports Business

Improved Service Supports Business

When this manufacturer’s relationship with their funder had deteriorated beyond repair we were able to find a more suitable partner for their needs.

A helping hand for an emerging business

Helping Hand for a New Business

See how we helped this new importing and exporting business to secure a suitable funding facility to support their international trade.

Firetec UK Ltd

Importance of Shopping Around

Comparing finance options can be a challenging process, but we’re on hand to help make the process as simple as possible for our clients. 

“Never underestimate the value of the funder relationship”

The Value of Relationships

Read how we helped this recruitment business find the facility and funder that provided the right level of support.

Finding greener grass

Finding Greener Grass

Read how we helped a printing company to successfully benchmark their existing funding facility and find a more suitable option for their needs.

A winning solution for an urgent need

A Winning Solution to an Urgent Need

With our client faced with a cash flow gap and payday looming, they needed an urgent facility in place to cover their shortfall. Here’s how we helped.


Fast-Track Success

Our client required a tailored financial solution to launch and fast-track growth of a new business, we were pleased to assist their success.

Supporting local authority contracts

Supporting Local Authority Contracts

Working with local authorities can be challenging, but our client’s new construction finance facility ensures cash flow remains healthy at all times.

Putting start-ups on road to success

Putting Start-Ups On Road To Success

A lack of trading history can make accessing finance difficult for start-ups. But, with our help businesses are finding the funding they need to succeed. 

Cutting edge solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions

How access to a £50,000 trade finance facility for importing stock helped this wholesaler of hair extensions double turnover in a short space of time.

more than just a cash flow boost

More Than Just A Cash Flow Boost

When faced with unsatisfactory service and a deteriorating relationship with their lender, we helped this wholesaler find a more suitable funder partner.  

Understanding seasonal sales

Understanding Seasonal Sales

See how we helped this wholesaler of fishing tackle to find a funder willing to look past their highly seasonal trade and make a competitive offer.

Easing Cash Flow Pressure

Easing Cash Flow Pressure

See how a logistics company was able to secure a £500K invoice discounting facility to ease the cash flow pressure created by a new contract.

Just in time - Southeast Construction & Recruitment Ltd

Quick Solutions For Urgent Need

When faced with extended payment terms, Southeast Construction & Recruitment Ltd needed to quickly secure a funding facility to help them bridge the gap.

Bridging the cash flow gap with innovative funding solutions

Bridging The Cash Flow Gap

When late payment left this construction company with a cash flow shortage, Hilton-Baird helped to source the ideal funding solution to bridge the gap.

No more sleepless nights

No More Sleepless Nights

See how Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions helped a wholesale company secure a £400k confidential invoice discounting deal to support their continued success.

Relationship matters - Secure Education Recruitment Limited

Building Good Relationships

When our client suffered a breakdown in relationship with their funder we were able to help find a new partner that would better match the business’s needs.

The perfect match - Sumo Recruitment Solutions Limited

Payroll Funding Aids Expansion

See how we helped our client secure a payroll funding solution, with full back office support, giving the business time to concentrate on their expansion.

Going for growth

Going For Business Growth

When faced with an increase in sales our client’s cash flow was stretched. See how we helped them secure the funding needed to facilitate their growth.

Flexible solutions for start-ups

Flexible Solutions For Start-Ups

Hilton-Baird helped a security services provider secure a flexible funding facility to keep cash flow ticking over in the early stages of business.

Supporting Growth

Supporting New Opportunities

With a string of new orders lined up, our client needed a supportive and flexible funding partner to work with them to take their growing business forward.

Finding a Perfect Fit - Fairdent Ltd

Funding To Smile About

Suppliers to dentists, Fairdent Ltd, were no amateurs to the benefits of invoice finance and, with Hilton-Baird’s help, has revolutionised its funding.

Facilitating impressive growth - NXP Europe Ltd

Facilitating Growth

After a breakdown in relationship occurred with a previous funder, the managing director of NXP Europe asked Hilton-Baird to source the ideal solution.

Putting the structure in place

Putting The Structure In Place

See how we helped a recruitment firm secure the right type of funding for their requirements to help move the business forward in difficult circumstances.

Enabling new horizons

Enabling New Horizons

A new start oil and gas recruitment firm was keen to find the right facility that offered a high level of export funding, support and flexibility.

Pointing you in the right direction

A Point In The Right Direction

Eschol Brooke Enterprises Ltd needed a new funder that could provide the facility they needed to take the business to the next level. See how we helped…

Just what was needed - Ceredigion Couriers Limited

Just What Was Needed

Ceredigion Couriers Limited discovered that factoring was just what they needed to improve cash flow quickly and help expand the business.

Built with you in mind - Pioneer Print Solutions

Built With You In Mind

Hilton-Baird took on board Pioneer Print Solutions’ objectives and introduced the invoice finance facility that enables them to improve their profit margin.

The right fit

Finding The Right Fit

When choosing an invoice finance provider, it is important to look for one who will take the time to get to know your business and share your vision.

Relationship is key to success - Finley George Recruitment Ltd

Relationship Is Key To Success

Relationships are the key to successful partnerships, so we matched Finley George Recruitment Ltd with the most suitable funding provider for their needs.

Funding supports rapid growth

Funding Supports Rapid Growth

Hilton-Baird introduced a new catering company to a recourse factoring facility to help them make the most of the rapid growth they were experiencing.

Keeping Cash Flowing - Astringo Commodities Limited

Keeping Cash Flowing

Securing an invoice discounting facility helped Astringo Commodities Limited to keep their cash flowing, invest in wider products and increase sales by 40%.

Briding the gap for importers

Bridging The Gap For Importers

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions helped Logotek Promotional Merchandise Ltd bridge the gap between getting paid and paying their suppliers.

Flexible funding for businesses

Flexible Funding For Businesses

After successfully expanding into a new office and hiring extra staff, our client began the search for a new funding solution. See how we helped…

Factoring a Boost To Cash Flow

Factoring a Boost To Cash Flow

An asbestos removal contractor looks set to treble its turnover to £1.5m after securing a factoring solution with the help of Hilton-Baird.

Right funding at the right time

Right Funding At The Right Time

Our client was searching for additional working capital when Hilton-Baird introduced him to the right funder with the right cash flow solution.

Introducing cash flow solutions

Introducing Cash Flow Solutions

As business took off for his new haulage company, our client searched for an immediate cash flow solution to help boost his working capital.

Meeting needs to boost cash flow

Meeting Needs to Boost Cash Flow

With access to a wide range of expert cash flow solutions, we listen to the needs of our clients and find funding options that fit their requirements.

Factoring underpins growth

Factoring Aids Growth

12 months on from securing a tailored factoring facility, Hilton-Baird caught up with Neal Warcup to see how his business funding solution was running.

Generating working capital

Generating Working Capital

After founding his own business in 2009, our client was looking to generate working capital to ease his company’s cash flow concerns. See how we helped…

Raising business finance for a haulage company

Raising Business Finance

With his existing funding no longer meeting his business requirements, we identified a new funder to help the haulage company raise business finance.

Safeguarding success

Safeguarding Success

Hilton-Baird  Financial Solutions indentified a new credit insurance provider for Evolution Recruitment after its previous insurer left the business vulnerable.

Land speed record kept on track - Bloodhound SSC

Record Project Kept On Track

See how Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions helped keep Richard Noble’s latest world land speed record project on track after securing new short-term funding.

rebuilding your cash flow

Rebuilding Your Cash Flow

Despite the recession’s impact upon businesses affected by the housing market, Hilton-Baird successfully introduced an invoice discounting facility to DBD.

The right ingredients for success

The Ingredients For Success

See how this recruitment business has used their new factoring facility to bridge the cash flow gap often encountered by recruiters and grow their company.

Industry-specific solutions

Industry-Specific Solutions

Some lenders are suited to particular industries more than others, and Hilton-Baird recognised this when introducing Sports Alliance to its tailored funder.

Growth against all odds

Growth Against All Odds

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions introduced an advertising company to the factoring facility and funder that matched its precise funding needs.

Recruiting a vital funding solution

Recruiting a Vital Funding Solution

Polar Recruitment needed access to working capital in order to grow, so Hilton-Baird introduced a factoring facility to release cash against debtors.

Flexible funding underpins success

Flexible Funding Key To Success

With flexible funding in place to support its growth, a specialist steel supplier was able to take advantage of opportunites borne out of the 2012 Olympics.

Advanced funding solution powers growth

Advanced Facility Powers Growth

Advanced Pipeline Supplies needed a new funding solution to support their growth, so Hilton-Baird introduced a bespoke invoice discounting facility.

Find success stories in your sector

Since we were established in 1997, we have assisted businesses across a wide range of industries. Choose your sector from the list below to discover the success stories which are most relevant to you.

Please note, however, that this list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re not sure whether we could help your company, give our team a call on 0800 9774833 to discuss your requirements.

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  • Time Finance
  • Bibby Financial Services
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  • ABN AMRO Commercial Finance
  • Haydock Finance Ltd
  • Metro Bank SME Finance
  • Ultimate Finance Group
  • Davenham Asset Finance
  • Asset Advantage
  • Leumi ABL
  • Roma Finance
  • Sonovate
  • Castlebridge
  • Praetura Invoice Finance
  • Santander Corporate & Commercial
  • Selina Finance
  • iwoca
  • Merchant Money
  • Boost Capital
  • MaxCap
  • Partnership Invoice Finance
  • Woodsford Tradebridge
  • FIBR Tech Limited
  • Creative Capital
  • Giant
  • Tradeplus24
  • InvoCap
  • Secure Trust Bank
  • PNC Business Credit
  • Optimum Finance
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Peak Cashflow
  • Blazehill Capital
  • Clear Factor
  • Trade Finance Partners
  • MarketFinance
  • Nucleus Commercial Finance
  • Davenham Trade Finance
  • Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance
  • Team Factors
  • inFund
  • Shawbrook Business Credit
  • Pulse Cashflow Finance
  • Close Brothers Invoice Finance
  • Barclays
  • Investec
  • Berkeley Trade Finance Ltd
  • Nationwide Finance
  • Aldermore Invoice Finance
  • 4Syte
  • Regency Factors
  • Skipton Business Finance

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