Raise Management Buy-In Finance

Management buy-ins (MBIs) typically require large sums of finance to complete, which can be a hurdle management teams need to overcome. Additionally, there is a need to demonstrate strong management experience in order to secure the most common method of raising capital to fund the buy-in, equity finance.

Equity finance generates capital to fund management buy-ins without overburdening the company with debt, which can occur when bank loans are preferred and represent a large proportion of the funds raised. However, there are other, sometimes more beneficial methods of raising the necessary funding for management buy-ins, for instance through asset based lending facilities.

At Hilton-Baird, we work closely with our clients in order to deliver the right options to generate the funds for MBI activity. Our experienced team will assess your funding requirements, discuss the most suitable solutions and introduce you to the relevant funding partners to facilitate the purchase.

To explore how Hilton-Baird can help you fund your management buy-in, contact us on 0800 9774833 or email info@hiltonbaird.co.uk.