Ways to Improve Cash Flow

Even the most profitable of businesses can suffer from restricted cash flow. Finding ways to overcome this issue can prove to be a real challenge.

Often businesses will seek to cut costs in order to improve cash flow, but this can be restrictive in the long run. Taking on new orders can be equally counter-productive when you trade on credit terms and are faced with paying suppliers before your customers pay you.

However, businesses do typically have two options when it comes to improving cash flow – securing new funding, or getting paid sooner by customers. This is where Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can help.

As a commercial finance broker, we can introduce the most suitable funding solutions available to your business according to your specific cash flow requirements, whether that’s a quick funding boost or a specialist facility which focuses on improving cash flow by freeing up cash tied up in your sales ledger.

We can also introduce your business to a debt collection specialist to help your business get paid sooner by customers – either by recovering overdue invoices which are proving too challenging to collect, or through a fully outsourced credit control service to bring expertise to the process and maximise results.

To discuss your options in more detail, call our cash flow specialists on 0800 9774833 or email info@hiltonbaird.co.uk.