Measure Business Performance

As your business develops, it is important to regularly measure its performance to see if you are reaching your potential.

Benchmarking your current position against where you want to be, where you have been historically and also against your competition can help to identify areas where you can improve your performance to give your company a competitive edge.

For example, could you achieve more if late payment wasn’t such an issue? Could you take on more clients if you had a stronger cash flow? Is your funding facility holding you back? If so, it could be worth reviewing your funding to see if there’s a more suitable – or complementary – solution available.

How we can help

At Hilton-Baird we have a proven track record at identifying where businesses could benefit from a new funding facility in order to improve their performance and reach their potential.

By getting to know your business and its existing funding arrangements, we’ll use our expert knowledge of the commercial finance market to put you in touch with the most suitable lender and funding solution for your precise requirements.

To see if we could help you find a better deal for your business, call our cash flow specialists on 0800 9774833 or email