Improve Funding

If you’re working hard to grow your business but find that you’re being restricted by a lack of funds, a more flexible funding facility could be needed.

Whilst your current funding facility may once have been the right fit for your business, as time goes on and businesses evolve – including funders and funding products – it’s entirely possible that today you may benefit from using an alternative.

Benchmarking your existing funding facility against other possible options can help to identify if there is a better option available that is more suited to your current and future needs.

Consider your current funding. Does it provide the right headroom for your day-to-day activity? Or is there an alternative or complementary funding option that will allow you to access more cash to help your business reach its potential?

How we can help

With a wide range of products and providers to choose from, it can be hard to identify the right funding facilities for your business, which is where talking to Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions could help.

Recognising that every business is different, we will work with you closely to fully understand your business’s funding needs and challenges in order to identify the right fit in terms of funding levels, service and cost.

To see how we could help your business unlock more funding, call us on 0800 9774833 or email to speak to one of our funding consultants.