At Hilton-Baird, we recognise that each and every individual within our team is central to all that we do and achieve. We have therefore created a culture by which we work closely together and support each other, and an environment where the team’s hard work, dedication and commitment not only ensures the highest standards of service to our clients, but also creates opportunities for each individual based on their unique strengths.

We are proud to provide the platform for each of our team members to be best they can be. We invest in them, nurture them and support them, providing significant training, and over the years our team have enjoyed significant personal growth across our Group.

‘Life is too short to work somewhere we don’t enjoy being’, so our ethos, driven by our Directors, is centred around creating a culture of success within an environment our team can enjoy, flourish within and fulfil their potential, enabling the business they are each a part of to thrive in turn.

Originally a family business set up by father and son in 1997, now run by a board of five with diverse backgrounds, creating the right environment and atmosphere is close to our heart. The proof? Our current team has been with us for an average of eight years, with more than one third of our staff employed by the company for at least 10 years. Whilst we are a cohesive team, we each remember what it’s like to be new to the company and are therefore very supportive and inclusive of new team members.

Development and opportunity

Our environment provides ongoing learning, with training and development shaped around each individual. This enables them to learn the skills required to be versatile, excel within their role and feel fulfilled whilst taking pride in the exceptional level of service provided to our clients.

This comes in the form of mainly internal and relevant external training programmes which introduce new techniques and get our team questioning ‘what they’ve always done’ in order to find new ways to achieve better results. Meanwhile, regular individual and team performance reviews are designed to identify and highlight potential areas for improvement, with constructive feedback and suggestions to take away and implement.

Care and support

We treat all our colleagues with respect, sincerity and compassion, and understand that everyone faces their own challenges outside of the workplace.

We therefore have a number of health and wellness measures in place, from private medical cover for all after one year’s service to access to a 24-hour helpline – irrespective of length of service – which can provide support and guidance with common challenges such as stress, anxiety, family issues, personal matters and consumer issues. We operate an open door policy and our team knows support is available to them.

Particularly since the pandemic, the benefits of homeworking have come to the fore in terms of achieving a healthy work/life balance and protecting our mental health. As such, each of our team has the ability to work on a hybrid home/office pattern, and we’re open to considering flexible working to support childcare and the care of other dependents.

Given it’s important for our team to have the opportunity to socialise both inside and outside of work hours, which we believe builds a togetherness and team spirit that benefits everyone, we hold staff social events. Within these we bring individuals from across our Group together to enable collaboration and networking amongst our wider team, away from the pressures of the workplace. We also regularly enter or run challenges to raise money for worthy causes.

Equality for all

To us, equality, diversity and inclusivity aren’t just buzzwords. Each one is a fundamental human right which must be protected and championed.

We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed, free from discrimination, regardless of their background, age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or anything else. More than this, we celebrate individual differences and personalities within our organisation, in the knowledge the combination of which is key to us being able to build a team that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Striving for equality and actually demonstrating it are very different things, however. So we are proud to say that our workforce contains an even proportion of men and women, with both groups widely represented in senior manager roles and in the boardroom. There is also an even split of staff aged over and under the age of 40, as we recognise a blend of youth and experience is vital to drive our business forward and deliver fresh ideas. We also have a proven background of recruiting from numerous ethnicities, nationalities and religions, with an Equality, Inclusion & Diversity Policy underpinning the company.

However, it is important to note that, when we decide who to employ or promote, our decisions will always and solely be based on who we believe to the best suited candidate for the role, with measures and guidelines in place to support those reviewing CVs and conducting interviews to ensure integrity and equality at all times.


Our passion for the environment is driven right from the very top. The CEO of the Group, Alex Hilton-Baird, is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about sustainability, and this is reflected throughout the organisation.

From our renewable energy supply and energy-efficient lighting systems to encouraging our team to go paperless, we’re always looking for ways we can do our bit as an organisation to reduce our impact on the environment and make a positive difference to the climate.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you! Visit our careers page to view our current vacancies.